Healing Service 12th October 6.30pm

“God Deals with the Destroyer” – Speaker: Revd. Paddy Beresford (Vicar of St John’s Church)

All are welcome to this Service of Christian Healing held in St Mary’s on 12th Oct 6.30pm.  We come together to seek God’s blessing and his healing of soul, mind and body.  We believe that he wants to make us whole.  The commission of Jesus to his followers to heal the sick is as relevant today as it was then.  There is no limit on the love and power of God and we should all open ourselves to the blessings which he wants us to receive.  We all need some measure of healing, either for ourselves or for someone else—in the form of inner peace, stronger faith, or the removal of physical symptoms.

We believe that everyone will receive a blessing and healing in one form or another in this service.  God is faithful and keep his promises and so we shall receive from him that healing which we need.

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