J.S.Bach’s Preludio from the E major Partita performed on the 1696 Stradivarius and played by Andrew Bernardi at the High Sheriff’s Service in St Mary’s Horsham on Sunday 6th July 2014

It is a great privilege to play J.S.Bach’s Preludio from the E major Partita and on the 1696 Stradivarius violin which brings together the County through the High Sheriff Jonathan Lucas.   Bach was a man of exceptional faith, who said that he could not write music without his belief which is supremely expressed through music.  Bach’s music expresses a faith that overcame all obstacles.  It is our celebration that brought the E major Preludio to Horsham on such a fine instrument.    Yehudi Menuhin regularly performed the Preludio and other pieces which were accompanied by Benjamin Britten on his tours to liberate the troops though music in WW2.  It is this freedom and liberation which we all celebrated at Her Majesty’s High Sheriff’s and Judges Service, and the dedication to service which we hear in Bach’s music.  I hope you enjoy hearing this live unedited performance.    Andrew Bernardi 12th July 2014

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