Services Every Weekday

Morning Prayer (at 8.30am) & Evening Prayer (at 5.30pm) are both led daily in Church, except on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

You are most welcome to join the clergy, and fellow lay members of our church, for these quiet daily services of prayer and reflection. We follow the service using the order of “Common Worship : Daily Prayer”, with its simple liturgy and Bible readings from the lectionary, and space for personal prayer. In the morning our intercessions are offered in silence, while in the evening simple biddings are made by the leader covering the concerns of the day (and offering the prayer requests of visitors to St. Mary’s that day).

The Eucharist is also celebrated daily (except Mondays and Bank Holidays) – again you will be most welcome at these quiet said services, which are held as follows :

  • 2.15pm on occasional weekdays during term time in Church (Mary’s & Martha’s is a short parent & toddler friendly service held in the Bethany extension)
  • 10.00am on Wednesday in Church
  • 9.15am on Thursday in the Church Centre (St. Peter’s Chapel)
  • 11.00am on Friday in Horsham Hospital Chapel
  • 9.00am on Saturday in Church