Sunday Worship for Families with Children

11:30am – Kairos Family Service On the 2nd and 4th Sundays of every month at 11:30am there is a short family service called Kairos. Affectionately known by some as Chaos, this is a lively, informal service designed to appeal to families with children aged 0 upwards.  The service is typically 30 minutes long and normally includes action songs and a short talk requiring the children’s assistance!Family at the crib

9:30 am – All Age Communion On the 1st Sunday of every month and during school holidays, the whole church family is encouraged to worship together at 9:30am with an All Age Communion Service. Whilst retaining all the principle components of the communion service, the liturgy is simpler and shorter than normal, the hymns more modern and the sermon generally designed to appeal to a younger audience. This service is typically 60 minutes long.

9:30am – The Lighthouse:  on Sundays when there is no All Age Communion, there is fun and suitable Christian teaching for children at our Sunday club, known as the Lighthouse. Happy bags and a crèche are available in church for children under Lighthouse age and those preferring to stay with their parents. “Happy Bags” are large, cloth drawstring bags with a small selection of toys, books and drawing materials suitable for younger children. They are stored in a large wicker basket close to the north door (ie the main door) and can be collected as you come into the church. Please could you return the bag to the wicker basket ready for the next child to use.

Refreshments are served in the church after the 9:30 service and before the 11:30 service.

Children are welcome at all our services. Click here for a full listing.