Mission Action Teams

The mission & ministry of St. Mary’s are coordinated by the Church Council through 7 Mission Action Teams. The membership of these are currently as follows :

1. Worshipping and Praying

  • Karen Ind (Team Leader)
  • Karen Inglis-Taylor
  • Veronica Kidd
  • Liz Lickiss
  • Valerie Lintott
  • Jeremy Weaver

2. Growing As Disciples

  • Joyce Brown
  • Anne Hossack
  • Alistair Inglis-Taylor
  • Lynne Keeble
  • Katherine Potter
  • Fiona Prentice (Team Leader)
  • Mark Tomlinson
  • Rebecca Tuck
  • Graham White

3. Caring As A Fellowship

  • Christine Bright
  • Val Burgess
  • Alison Carre
  • Morag Davies (Team Leader)
  • Sahar Davies
  • Laura Fletcher
  • Liz Hawkins
  • Tim Hossack

4. Serving and Transforming the Community

  • Kimball Eady
  • Veronica James
  • Brenda Large
  • Maureen Muggleton
  • Hennie Sleeman
  • Nigel Stalley (Team Leader)
  • Pauline Welch

5. Proclaiming the Gospel

  • Pam Dexter
  • Tim Fifield
  • Richard Herrington
  • Zoe Malyon
  • Alan Mayer (Team Leader)

6. Administration and Finance

  • Steve Benson (Team Leader)
  • Keith Burgess
  • Alison Carre
  • Linda Emery – Stewardship campaigns only
  • Peter Fruin
  • Denise Herrington

7. Buildings and Fabric

  • Steve Benson
  • Jane Gorrie
  • Paul Kirkbride
  • Michael Lickiss
  • Marcus Newton
  • Nigel Stalley (Team Leader)

How the Mission Action Teams work at St. Mary’s

Each team carries out its annual objectives (as adopted in our Mission Action Plan or “MAP”) & reports back to the Church Council through representatives on the Council. It in turn has oversight of all the appropriate ministries (including any other groups, teams & councils) that are designated to it – thereby covering every facet of the ministry & mission of St. Mary’s.

Within the Church Council an additional Leadership Team (“LT”) exercises general spiritual leadership & oversight at St. Mary’s. The LT oversees MAP implementation on behalf of the Church Council, & LT members typically chair the other 7 Mission Action Teams. The LT is currently made up of the clergy and churchwardens, but may later expand to include further laity (the congregation being consulted to help recognise whom the members should be).

Every member of the Church Council will thus expect to serve on one (possibly two) of these Mission Action Teams (analogous to sub committees) as part of their duties. This structure, and our annual MAP objectives, provide the structure for our Church budget, accounts and AGM – with each Team reporting on progress in order to achieve clear understanding and a co-ordinated approach to our growth in ministry & mission.