Having your Child Christened at St. Mary’s

If you are interested in getting your child christened at St Mary’s, and you live in our parish, or have a particular link to our church, then we will be delighted to conduct the Christening at St Mary’s. A Christening marks the beginning of a child’s journey within God’s family, and is a moment of great rejoicing. At a Christening, Parents and Godparents make significant promises, confirming their own faith in Christ, and promising to do all they can to bring the child up surrounded by the love of the Christian Family, so that they can explore the Christian Faith for themselves.

If you would like to consider a christening for your child, the first thing to do is to come along to a service at St Mary’s, so that you can meet us and begin to find out about our church family and the faith that we share.

You are then welcome to get in touch with our administrator, Laura on office@horshamstmarys.org.uk to explore a date for the Christening, and fill in a baptism application form. The Baptism Form includes your choice of 3 (or more) Godparents – who you need to check have been Baptised themselves (and preferably also Confirmed) as Christians – since their main role is to help you as parents, in bringing up your child as a Christian within the family of the Church.

Once the baptism date has been confirmed, you will be contacted either a member of our ministry team, or by one of our baptism visitors, who can help to introduce you to the christening service, and the promises that you will make on behalf of your child.

We look forward very much to welcoming you and celebrating with your family!