St Mary’s Flower Festival 15th – 18th June


Opening Concert : Wednesday 14th June 7.30pm

Festival Open: Thursday 15th to Saturday 17th June 10am-6pm, Sunday 18th June 12.30-4.30pm

St Mary’s Church of England School: Dancing in the Causeway Thursday 15th June 2pm

Closing Celebration Service: Sunday 18th June 5.00pm

BETHANY CAFÉ: Open throughout the Festival

Flower Festival “Jesu Joy” – a wonderful few days!

Flower Festival “JESU JOY”– Thankyou to everyone involved: flower arrangers, sponsors, visitors, and the organisers Judy, Jo and Lucy.  We raised over £3500 towards maintaining the beautiful St Mary’s Church.  We have had such wonderful comments: “A Wonderful ‘Jesu Joy’”, “A very Emotional and Spiritual Visit”; “Felt Gods Presence”; “ Purely Inspirational”; “Thought Provoking”; “Lots of “Best Ever” as they left.”; “The opportunity to Reflect”….All followed by the children from St Mary’s School, happy and smiling as they danced in The Causeway.  THANKYOU ALL!

Jesu Joy Flower Festival

JESU JOY Flower Festival is this week!
You are all invited to make the most of this Festival, to come to it, use it for prayer ourselves, bring a friend to it and pray for all our many visitors this week.  Every penny we raise goes towards maintaining the beautiful St Mary’s Church.  Thurs to Sat 10am-6pm and Sunday 12.30-6pm with the Opening Concert Wed 17th June 7.30pm; Dancing in the Causeway Thurs 18th June 2pm; Closing Celebration Service Sunday 21st June 6.30pm.

St Mary's Flower Festival 18-21st June 2015

Flower Festival

The annual flower festival once again showcased a wonderful display of flowers – we raised £3368 towards maintaining the beautiful St Mary’s Church.   A very big THANKYOU to all involved – flower arrangers, sponsors, visitors, and especially the organisers Val, Lucy and Keith.

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