Horsham Matters – Staying Indoors Surprise Parcel

HORSHAM MATTERS – A Staying Indoors Surprise Parcel and Support Your Local Charity

Want to surprise someone with a doorstep delivery of some goodies to keep them entertained? Treat the family, friend or maybe a neighbour to a surprise bag which may include books, puzzles, games and DVDs. The cost of our bargain surprise bags are £10!

Give us a ring, 0300 1240204 to arrange delivery. Tell us who you would like to surprise, and we will leave our delivery on their doorstep within 48 hours of your call. You can also email us on info@horsham-matters.org.uk

Please have your bank card ready when you ring. As you can imagine we are very busy delivering food parcels at the moment, so this offer of a surprise delivery only applies to addresses in central Horsham and immediate surrounding villages.

Each children’s package contains a variety of 4 books, at least one puzzle, at least one game, 2 DVDs, an activity item and 2 toys, we can adjust for an age range up to 3, 3-6, 6- 12 and 12 and over and adult. Adults will get

2x puzzles

4 books

2 DVDs and a small game item, eg pack of cards.

All average contents for each package at least £10.00

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