Horsham Team Ministry is advertising for our new Vicar

Welcome to Horsham!

Find out what we have to offer a new Vicar and the sort of person we are looking for here: Horsham Parish Profile.

Lee Buck joins Horsham Parish as our Parish Youth Work Enabler

Lee became the Parish Youth Work enabler in May 2019. Lee has been involved in Youth Work for 10 years. Lee struggled as a teenager with school and home life. This led him wanting to help teenagers and become a Youth worker. Lee found his faith in his early 20’s. Lee felt a calling to use his passion for Youth and Christ to become a Christian youth Leader. Using both of his passions Lee can get alongside young people and help show how important God can be in their lives. Lee loves to spend time with his children. He enjoys socialising and watching tv series.

When are we getting a new Vicar? – update June 2019

Latest news – 

Following our recent PCC meeting we will very soon be advertising for our new Vicar. 

In the meantime, here is our Parish Profile: Horsham Parish Profile

More details will follow very shortly.


Following the Horsham Parish review, and the decision for St. John’s Church in Broadbridge Heath to become a separate Parish, we are now looking to move forward with the appointment process for a new Vicar for St. Mary’s.  It is still early days, but progress is starting to be made.

Over the coming month we will be finalizing our Parish Profile and awaiting a decision from the Bishop that we can go ahead and start the formal appointment process.

Watch this space!

When are we getting a new Vicar?

As many people have been asking us, “when will we be getting a new vicar?”, we thought that we must let you know what is happening behind the scenes.

Bishop Martin has asked for a Parish Review to take place.  This will be conducted by Archdeacon Fiona and will happen in February and March 2019.

The Parish review is expected to look at the current set up of the Team Parish of Horsham which is currently made up of four churches: St. Leonard’s, Holy Trinity, St. John’s and St. Mary’s.

Any suggested changes from the review would then be considered by our parish Parochial Church Council before recommending a way forward. Currently our four churches work together and support each other in many different ways and we are blessed by our close working partnership. As far as we are aware there is no desire from any of the Churches in the team to break away.  We have been told that a Parish Review is standard practice in the Diocese when a vacancy like ours arises.

As to our new vicar, well no appointment process can really be started until the Parish review is concluded.  For the time being we are pleased to welcome Bernard Sinton who the Bishop has appointed as Interim Rector.

We will continue to let you know what is happening as and when we know.

Your Churchwardens

Nigel, Steve, Liz and Morag

During the current interregnum at St Mary’s, Bishop Martin has asked Revd Bernard Sinton to act as Interim Rector during the vacancy. Bernard has worked in the Parish since 1990 and was our first SSM (Self Supporting Minister).  He is based at Holy Trinity Church.  Since retiring from a full time secular job, he has acted as Interim Minister during vacancies in Warnham, West Grinstead and Partridge Green and has just finished at Sullington and Thakeham with Warminghurst.  Bernard’s wife is the vicar of Shipley.  Bernard can be contacted via the St Mary’s church office or via our contact form: Contact Us.

Revd Guy Bridgewater

Farewell to Guy and Jebs Bridgewater

Sunday 28th October 2018: We pray for God’s blessing on Guy and Jebs Bridgewater as they leave us to start their new lives at Bath Abbey
Guy and Jebs: We lay our hands on you and pray in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. May you take with you the thanks and the prayers of the people in Horsham for your ministry here among us.

We thank you, Lord, for their wisdom and humility, for their thoughtfulness of others, for their dignity in worship and their faithfulness to the gospel. As they leave us: may they leave behind any regrets they have, any business left unfinished, any anxieties that properly belong to us. May they take with them the lessons they have learned here, and the love of the people they have served. And for the future Lord, grant them wisdom, grant them courage, grant them a strong faith in your good will and your purposes for them, O God, most high, in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Guy and Jebs: Now by God’s Holy anointing and by God’s great love for you, may Almighty God in His great power guard and protect you. May the Holy Spirit rest upon you to give you comfort and strength in time of need and guidance in the fulfillment of God’s will. And may the Lord who saved you, bless your going out, and your coming in, from this time forth, and for ever. Amen.

Revd Guy Bridgewater

Announcement 29th July 2018

“After serving eleven years as Team Rector and Vicar of St. Mary’s, today it is announced that Canon Guy Bridgewater will be leaving Horsham in November. He and Jebs will be moving to the Diocese of Bath and Wells, where Guy has been appointed the next Rector of Bath Abbey. The exact date of his licensing and induction is yet to be confirmed but it is expected to be in late November. Please pray for Guy and Jebs as they prepare for their move, and especially for the congregations of St. Mary’s and Bath Abbey – that in all the coming changes Jesus may be glorified, and all eyes fixed upon Him. Thank-you.”

See the full text of the announcement made in St Mary’s on 29th July 2018 here: Announcement by Guy Bridgewater.