DATE                            PREACHER
20/Dec/2020 – Revd. Bernard Sinton
13/Dec/2020 – Revd. Rebecca Tuck
06/Dec/2020 – Revd. Pat Sinton
01/Nov/2020 – Revd. Bernard Sinton
25/Oct/2020 – Revd. Alan Mayer
18/Oct/2020 – Revd. Pat Sinton
11/Oct/2020 – Revd. Rebecca Tuck
04/Oct/2020 – Revd. Lisa Barnett
27/Sep/2020 – Revd. Pat Sinton
20/Sep/2020 – Revd. Rebecca Tuck
13/Sep/2020 – Revd. David Bouskill
06/Sep/2020 – Revd. Bernard Sinton
30/Aug/2020 – Karen Ind
09/Aug/2020 – Revd. David Bouskill
02/Aug/2020 – Revd. Lisa Barnett
26/Jul/2020 – Revd. Bernard Sinton
19/Jul/2020 – Revd. Lisa Barnett
12/Jul/2020 – Revd. Rebecca Tuck
29/Mar/2020 – Revd. Lisa Barnett
22/Mar/2020 – Revd. Rebecca Tuck
15/Mar/2020 – Revd. Lisa Barnett
08/Mar/2020 – Revd. Pat Sinton
01/Mar/2020 – Revd. Lisa Barnett
23/Feb/2020 – Revd. Bernard Sinton
16/Feb/2020 – Revd. Pat Sinton
09/Feb/2020 – Revd. Lisa Barnett
02/Feb/2020 – Revd. Rebecca Tuck
26/Jan/2020 – Revd. Bernard Sinton
19/Jan/2020 – Simon Quail
12/Jan/2020 – Revd. Alan Mayer
05/Jan/2020 – Revd. Rebecca Tuck
22/Dec/2019 – Revd. Bernard Sinton
15/Dec/2019 – Revd. Rebecca Tuck
08/Dec/2019 – Revd. Pat Sinton
01/Dec/2019 – Revd. Rebecca Tuck
24/Nov/2019 – Revd. Alan Mayer
17/Nov/2019 – Ven. Fiona Windsor
10/Nov/2019 – Simon Quail
03/Nov/2019 – Lee Buck (Parish Youth Worker)
27/Oct/2019 – Karen Ind
20/Oct/2019 – Revd. Bernard Sinton
13/Oct/2019 – Simon Quail
06/Oct/2019 – Revd. Rebecca Tuck
29/Sep/2019 – Revd. Alan Mayer
22/Sep/2019 – Ven. Fiona Windsor
15/Sep/2019 – Revd. Rebecca Tuck
08/Sep/2019 – David Durance
01/Sep/2019 – Revd. Rebecca Tuck
25/Aug/2019 – Revd. Alan Mayer
18/Aug/2019 – Karen Ind
11/Aug/2019 – Revd. Alan Mayer

04/Aug/2019 – Simon Quail
28/Jul/2019 – Revd. Alan Mayer
21/Jul/2019 – Revd. Rebecca Tuck
14/Jul/2019 – Revd. Alan Mayer
07/Jul/2019 – Revd. Rebecca Tuck
30/Jun/2019 – Revd. Alan Mayer
23/Jun/2019 – Revd. Rebecca Tuck
16/Jun/2019 – Revd. Rebecca Tuck
09/Jun/2019 – Revd. Natalie Loveless
02/Jun/2019 – Revd. Rebecca Tuck
26/May/2019 – Revd. Natalie Loveless
19/May/2019 – Revd. Alan Mayer
12/May/2019 – Revd. Alan Mayer
05/May/2019 – Revd. Alan Mayer
28/Apr/2019 – Revd. Rebecca Tuck
21/Apr/2019 – Revd. Rebecca Tuck
14/Apr/2019 – Revd. Alan Mayer
07/Apr/2019 – Revd. Alan Mayer
31/Mar/2019 – Ven. Fiona Windsor
24/Mar/2019 – Revd. Natalie Loveless
17/Mar/2019 – Revd. Bernard Sinton
10/Mar/2019 – John Holmstrom
03/Mar/2019 – Revd. Rebecca Tuck
24/Feb/2019 – Revd. Rebecca Tuck
17/Feb/2019 – Revd. Alan Mayer
10/Feb/2019 – Revd. Bernard Sinton
03/Feb/2019 – Revd. Rebecca Tuck
27/Jan/2019 – Revd. Rebecca Tuck
20/Jan/2019 – Ven. Fiona Windsor
13/Jan/2019 – Simon Quail
06/Jan/2019 – Karen Ind
30/Dec/2018 – Revd. David Bouskill
23/Dec/2018 – Ven. Fiona Windsor
16/Dec/2018 – Rt. Revd. Mark Sowerby
09/Dec/2018 – Ven. Fiona Windsor
02/Dec/2018 – Revd. Alan Mayer
25/Nov/2018 – Karen Ind
18/Nov/2018 – Revd. Alan Mayer
11/Nov/2018 – Revd. Natalie Loveless
04/Nov/2018 – Revd. Rebecca Tuck
28/Oct/2018 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater
21/Oct/2018 – Revd. Alan Mayer
14/Oct/2018 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater
07/Oct/2018 – Revd. Rebecca Tuck
30/Sep/2018 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater
23/Sep/2018 – Revd. Rebecca Tuck
16/Sep/2018 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater
09/Sep/2018 – Revd. Alan Mayer
02/Sep/2018 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater
26/Aug/2018 – Revd. Rebecca Tuck
19/Aug/2018 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater
12/Aug/2018 – Karen Ind
05/Aug/2018 – Revd. Rebecca Tuck
29/Jul/2018 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater
22/Jul/2018 – Matt Lee (Student Youth Worker)
15/Jul/2018 – Revd. Rebecca Tuck
08/Jul/2018 – Revd. Alan Mayer
01/Jul/2018 – Revd. Rebecca Tuck
24/Jun/2018 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater
17/Jun/2018 – Inspired Civic Service Sermon
17/Jun/2018 – Karen Ind
10/Jun/2018 – Simon Quail
03/Jun/2018 – Revd. Alan Mayer
27/May/2018 – Revd. Alan Mayer
20/May/2018 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater
13/May/2018 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

06/May/2018 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

29/Apr/2018 – Karen Ind

22/Apr/2018 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

15/Apr/2018 – Revd. Alan Mayer

08/Apr/2018 – Simon Quail

01/Apr/2018 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

25/Mar/2018 – Revd. Alan Mayer

18/Mar/2018 – Karen Ind

11/Mar/2018 – Revd. Kate Bailey

04/Mar/2018 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

25/Feb/2018 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

18/Feb/2018 – Revd. Kate Bailey

11/Feb/2018 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

04/Feb/2018 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

28/Jan/2018 – Simon Quail

21/Jan/2018 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

14/Jan/2018 – Karen Ind

07/Jan/2018 – Revd. Jimmy Young

25/Dec/2017 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

24/Dec/2017 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

17/Dec/2017 – Revd. Jimmy Young

10/Dec/2017 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

03/Dec/2017 – Revd. Alan Mayer

26/Nov/2017 – Revd. Jimmy Young

19/Nov/2017 – Revd. Alan Mayer

12/Nov/2017 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

05/Nov/2017 – Matt Lee

29/Oct/2017 – Pastor Brian White

22/Oct/2017 – Revd. Paddy Beresford

15/Oct/2017 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

08/Oct/2017 – Karen Ind

01/Oct/2017 – Linda Emery (World Vision)

24/Sep/2017 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

17/Sep/2017 – Revd. Jimmy Young

10/Sep/2017 – Ishmael

03/Sep/2017 – Karen Ind

27/Aug/2017 – Revd. Alan Mayer

20/Aug/2017 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

13/Aug/2017 – Simon Quail

06/Aug/2017 – Helen & Ellis Vaughan

30/Jul/2017 – Revd. Alan Mayer

23/Jul/2017 – Revd. Jimmy Young

16/Jul/2017 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

09/Jul/2017 – Karen Ind

02/Jul/2017 – Matt Lee

25/Jun/2017 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

18/Jun/2017 – Karen Ind

11/Jun/2017 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

04/Jun/2017 – Revd. Jimmy Young

28/May/2017 – Revd. Alan Mayer

21/May/2017 – Revd. Jimmy Young

14/May/2017 – Karen Ind

07/May/2017 – Revd. Jimmy Young

30/Apr/2017 – Revd. Alan Mayer

23/Apr/2017 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

16/Apr/2017 – Revd. Jimmy Young

09/Apr/2017 – Revd. Alan Mayer

02/Apr/2017 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

26/Mar/2017 – Matt Lee

19/Mar/2017 – Revd. Jimmy Young

12/Mar/2017 – Revd. Alan Mayer

05/Mar/2017 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

26/Feb/2017 – Karen Ind

19/Feb/2017 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

12/Feb/2017 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

05/Feb/2017 – Revd. Jimmy Young

29/Jan/2017 – Revd. Jimmy Young

22/Jan/2017 – Revd. Alan Mayer

15/Jan/2017 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

08/Jan/2017 – Revd. Jimmy Young

25/Dec/2016 – Revd. Jimmy Young

18/Dec/2016 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

11/Dec/2016 – Revd. Alan Mayer

04/Dec/2016 – Revd. Jimmy Young

27/Nov/2016 Pt 1 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

27/Nov/2016 Pt 2 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

20/Nov/2016 – Revd. Alan Mayer

13/Nov/2016 – Simon Quail

06/Nov/2016 – Revd. Jimmy Young

30/Oct/2016 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

23/Oct/2016 – Karen Ind

16/Oct/2016 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

09/Oct/2016 – Revd. Alan Mayer

02/Oct/2016 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

25/Sep/2016 – Revd. Alan Mayer

18/Sep/2016 – Revd. Jimmy Young

11/Sep/2016 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

04/Sep/2016 – Revd. Jimmy Young

28/Aug/2016 – Revd. Jimmy Young

21/Aug/2016 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

14/Aug/2016 – Simon Quail

07/Aug/2016 – Jimmy, Matt & Julia

31/Jul/2016 – Revd. Alan Mayer

24/Jul/2016 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

17/Jul/2016 – Karen Ind

10/Jul/2016 – Revd. Alan Mayer

03/Jul/2016 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

26/Jun/2016 – Judi Cox

19/Jun/2016 – Karen Ind

12/Jun/2016 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

05/Jun/2016 – Revd. Jimmy Young

29/May/2016 – Simon Quail

22/May/2016 – Karen Ind

15/May/2016 – Revd. Jimmy Young

08/May/2016 – Revd. Jimmy Young

01/May/2016 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

24/Apr/2016 – Revd. Jimmy Young

17/Apr/2016 – Karen Ind

10/Apr/2016 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

03/Apr/2016 – Revd. Alan Mayer

27/Mar/2016 – Revd. Jimmy Young

20/Mar/2016 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

13/Mar/2016 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

06/Mar/2016 – Revd. Jimmy Young

28/Feb/2016 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

21/Feb/2016 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

14/Feb/2016 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

07/Feb/2016 – Revd. Alan Mayer

31/Jan/2016 – Revd. Jimmy Young

24/Jan/2016 – Revd. Jimmy Young

17/Jan/2016 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

10/Jan/2016 – Revd. Alan Mayer

03/Jan/2016 = Revd. Guy Bridgewater

27/Dec/2015 – Revd. Alan Mayer

20/Dec/2015 – Karen Ind

13/Dec/2015 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

06/Dec/2015 – Revd. Jimmy Young

29/Nov/2015 – Karen Ind

22/Nov/2015 – Revd. Jimmy Young

15/Nov/2015 – Julia Inglis-Taylor

08/Nov/2015 – Revd. Jimmy Young

01/Nov/2015 – Revd. Jimmy Young

25/Oct/2015 – Martin Auton-Lloyd

18/Oct/2015 – Revd. Jimmy Young

11/Oct/2015 – Simon Quail

04/Oct/2015 – Revd Jimmy Young

27/Sep/2015 – Karen Ind

20/Sep/2015 – Karen Ind

13/Sep/2015 – Revd. Jimmy Young

6/Sep/2015 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

30/Aug/2015 – Revd. Jimmy Young

23/Aug/2015 – Simon Quail

16/Aug/2015 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

09/Aug/2015 – Revd. Jimmy Young/Julia Inglis-Taylor
03/Aug/2015 – Rt. Revd. Mark Sowerby
02/Aug/2015 – Revd. Jimmy Young

26/Jul/2015 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

19/Jul/2015 – Karen Ind

12/Jul/2015 – Revd. Alan Mayer

05/Jul/2015 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

28/Jun/2015 – Revd. Alan Mayer

21/Jun/2015 – Revd. Jimmy Young

14/Jun/2015 – Revd. Alan Mayer

06/Jun/2015 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

31/May/2015 – Revd. Jimmy Young

24/May/2015 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

10/May/2015 – Karen Ind

03/May/2015 – Fiona Prentice

26/Apr/2015 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

19/Apr/2015 – Revd. Jimmy Young

12/Apr/2015 – Revd. Alan Mayer

05/Apr/2015 – Revd. Jimmy Young

29/Mar/2015 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

22/Mar/2015 = Revd. Guy Bridgewater

15/Mar/2015 – Revd. Jimmy Young

08/Mar/2015 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

01/Mar/2015 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

22/Feb/2015 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

15/Feb/2015 – Revd. Jimmy Young

08/Feb/2015 – Revd. Alan Mayer

01/Feb/2015 – Revd. Jimmy Young

25/Jan/2015 – Revd. Jimmy Young

18/Jan/2015 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

11/Jan/2015 – Revd. Alan Mayer

04/Jan/2015 – Revd. Jimmy Young

28/Dec/2014 – Simon Quail

25/Dec/2014 – Revd. Jimmy Young

21/Dec/2014 – Karen Ind

14/Dec/2014 – Simon Quail

07/Dec/2014 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

30/Nov/2014 – Revd. Jimmy Young

23/Nov/2014 – Revd. Alan Mayer

16/Nov/2014 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater

09/Nov/2014 – Karen Ind

02/Nov/2014 – Revd. Jimmy Young

26/Oct/2014 – Revd. Alsn Mayer
19/Oct/2014 – Julia Inglis-Taylor & Judi Cox
12/Oct/2014 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater
05/Oct/2014 – Revd. Jimmy Young
28/Sep/2014 – Simon Quail
21/Sep/2014 – Bishop Henry Scrivens
14/Sep/2014 – Revd. Alan Mayer
07/Sep/2014 – Revd. Jimmy Young
31/Aug/2014 – Revd. Natalie Loveless
24/Aug/2014 – Karen Ind
17/Aug/2014 – Revd. Jimmy Young
10/Aug/2014 – Karen Ind
03/Aug/2014 – Captain’s Yo-Ho and Heave-Ho
27/Jul/2014 – Revd. Jo Elvidge
20/Jul/2014 – Revd. Jimmy Young
13/Jul/2014 – Reader Simon Quail
06/Jul/2014 – Violin: Andrew Bernardi
06/Jul/2014 – O How Lovely: Mark Browse
06/Jul/2014 – Revd, Guy Bridgewater
06/Jul/2014 – Revd. Christopher Loveless
29/Jun/2014 – Revd. Jimmy Young
22/Jun/2014 – Revd. Alan Mayer
15/Jun/2014 – Revd. Natalie Loveless
08/Jun/2014 – Revd. Alan Mayer
01/Jun/2014 – Revd. Natalie Loveless
25/May/2014 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater
18/May/2014 – Revd. Natalie Loveless
11/May/2014 – Revd. Jo Elvidge
04/May/2014 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater
27/Apr/2014 – Revd. Alan Mayer
20/Apr/2014 – Revd. Jo Elvidge
13/Apr/2014 – Revd. Alan Mayer
06/Apr/2014 – Revd. Natalie Loveless
30/Mar/2014 – Fiona Prentice
23/Mar/2014 – Martin Mills
16/Mar/2014 – Karen Ind
09/Mar/2014 – Revd. Jo Elvidge
02/Mar/2014 – Revd. Natalie Loveless
23/Feb/2014 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater
16/Feb/2014 – Revd. Alan Mayer
09/Feb/2014 – Revd. Jo Elvidge
02/Feb/2014 – Revd. Guy Bridgewater
26/Jan/2014 – Revd. Alan Mayer
19/Jan/2014 – Revd. Jo Elvidge
12/Jan/2014 – Revd. Natalie Loveless
05/Jan/2014 – Karen Ind
29/Dec/2013 – Rev Alan Mayer
22/Dec/2013 – Rev Alan Mayer
15/Dec/2013 – Rev Guy Bridgewater
08/Dec/2013 – Jacky Clarke (Mothers’ Union)
01/Dec/2013 – Rev Alan Mayer

With God nothing is impossible
Be joyful
Be patient
For all the saints
Bible Sunday
Care for Creation
By the help of God, I will
Work in progress
Truly love one another
Mary’s Magnificat
Take up your cross
Do not be afraid
I’m ready to be amazed
Only God knows
Vocation can be tough!
Will you
 answer the call?
Jesus wept with them
The right way to live
Prayerfully review your giving
Born again!
Favourite bible readings
The Crossroads
Trust in God
Salt and Light
The light of the world
Guide us to better serve you
Jesus said, “Come and See…”
He did it to call us home
The special gifts
The God of surprises
The Good newsflash
Prepare the way of the Lord
Open our eyes
Stir up O Lord
Bring hope to the people that we meet
Sacrifice, death, hope and new life
We are All Saints
The word of scripture
The power of prayer
Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude
Share your stuff
Light, consolation and warmth
Enable one another to the glory of God
The lost sheep
Teach Beyond
Be humble
How to keep the sabbath
It’s all or nothing
Jesus is coming
We’re in this together
Do not be distracted
Take care of them
Serve one another
Follow me and let me in
The Holy Trinity
The Gift of the Spirit
The Spirit of Life
Open your heart
The Glory of the Father
Jesus our good Shepherd
Jesus loves us
Seen not and yet believe
Join your life with Him
The beauty of holiness
Mothering Sunday
The trumpet call
Be more Christ-like
Turning Tides: Homelessness
Share the Love

Take the risk!
True happiness
What are we doing in the boat?
Who can come to your rescue?
Vocation, vocation, vocation!
Party, celebrate, look joyful, be joyful
Why Jesus needed to be baptised
Put God first and Jesus at the centre
Are we ready for God’s call?
Jesus is the reason for the season
Advent: Four-candles and four “O”‘s!
The meaning of Advent
Four candles
Stir up and do as He wants you to do
The true Easter
Don’t throw your poppy away
Lord’s Prayer 10: For thine is the Kingdom
Be a follower

Harvest, do not be afraid
Lord’s Prayer 9: And lead us not into temptation
The last shall be first
Lord’s Prayer 8: Forgive us our trespasses
Holy Communion
Spiritual food for my soul
It’s great to be on God’s Team
Lord’s Prayer 7: Give us this day our daily bread
Pray for the anointing of the Spirit
My grace is sufficient for you
Lord’s Prayer 6: Thy will be done pt. 2
Inspired – Civic Service
Ambassadors for peace and Christ
Lord’s Prayer 5: Thy will be done pt. 1
Stand at the foot of the cross
Try praying
I am the Vine